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Let’s chomp right into these COOKIES!!!

🍪 The featured cookie recipe this week was Snickerdoodles.

Why I love them: OMG just watch the IGTV video I made of myself making them – I’ll post it below in this blog post. So yummy!

Here’s a link to the recipe, which I found on the New York Times Cooking app: Snickerdoodles.

🤓 Some Womensday Wisdom in honor of Women’s History Month⁠

Sometimes you just can’t do it all. And it’s okay. Looking back I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned from the women in my life or the women I’ve admired is that sometimes you have to just pick one thing and make that your thing – for me I wanted to own my own business so here I am doing that.

That’s not to say that I don’t also have many other passions, but right now this is my thing! So as a woman, I get it: it’s challenging sometimes to just focus in on the one thing you want to do, but I think it’s amazing what we women can accomplish when we focus.

Think of any woman you know who has done something outstanding. From the women who got us the right to vote to the women who are history makers right now, those women had their eye on the prize! Don’t be afraid to admit you can’t do it all, and to stick with your dreams, whatever they are.

Holiday Happiness
For many of us, Easter is coming! Easter is in 18 days, are you ready? Maybe you are a parent who needs a gift for kids but you’re tired of giving the same old candy in a basket…surprise them with the best gift of all – some quality time! Here are a couple ideas I thought of to inspire some quality time with kids this Easter:

String art kit customizable string art kit – made in Greenville and for each one sold $5 is donated to YouthBase

The Customizable String Art Kit for Adults & Kids

Planter (What could be more fun than to choose a plant or seeds of your very own and learn to care for a plant?!)

Have a great weekend!