“Sock Thief” Genuine Leather Pet Collar Tag


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When we first adopted our sweet Thelma, she would wander the house, steal our socks, and lovingly rest her sweet little face on them. They were like treasure she had found lurking under the bed, on the laundry room floor, or accidentally shoved into the couch on a particularly lazy evening. Luckily, she didn’t shred them to pieces, and treated those socks with the respect they deserved. Anyhoo, these tags are a great addition to your furry friend’s collar and you’re sure to love them just as much as them!

  • High quality 100% Genuine Veg-Tan Leather
  • The leather will patina and darken over time
  • Artwork is burned & oiled for moisture protection
  • Tag comes with gold split ring and gold eyelet
  • 1.25” w X 1.4” h
  • Made in North Augusta, South Carolina


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