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There is seriously nothing like cracking open a new book. The smell of crisp pages, the sound of that little gust of wind that comes with each turn of the page, and the feeling of getting lost in another world for a few minutes (or hours, if you can find them!). The only thing that could possibly ruin this moment would be to open the book and find that you lost your place. Well, lose your place no more! These Artmarks with their memorable silver glasses (fans of a certain wizarding book series, unite!) will fit snugly on nearly any size book, notebook, or planner. You can be sure an Artmark will never fall out & lose your place, no matter where you bring your new read!

  • Soft elastic ribbon ensures your pages will never be torn or folded over. 
  • Please note: While they are beautiful and very practical, Artmarks are not suitable for children under six due to choking hazard/strangulation hazard.

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