Joyous Bubble Necklace


Jewelry is such a personal choice, and these necklaces make it easy to decide! Part of the yGo Design “Joyous” series, these fun pieces and their vibrant pops of color serve as a reminder to breathe through all the craziness of life, and find joy where we can.

For each yGo Designs purchase, Bleckley House Gifts will donate $5 to the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation. Their mission is to support adolescent and young adult cancer patients and their families at UNC Hospitals. Learn more about Be Loud! Sophie here:

  • Made in Raleigh, NC
  • Each necklace is handmade and one-of-a-kind
  • 20 mm resin balls
  • Gold or sterling silver closure
  • Length varies between 18″ to 21″ inches


More about the maker:

It started with the design of one bracelet. . .

The yGo Designs “Power of One” collection has been inspired through a series of
life events. In 2010 and 2012, our family experienced two diagnoses of rare
cancers. In both cases, family, friends and community surrounded each with
support and love during this difficult time. The most powerful aspect was
watching how each approached their illness, drawing upon inner strength to
manage day to day and look for ways to positively impact those around them.
Inspired by their strength and spirit, I have taken my passion for jewelry and
designed the “power of one” collection to remind all of us that we possess
tremendous strength to face the most difficult of challenges.

Life is full of unknowns, there is constant motion which seems to test our resolve
for who we are meant to be. As we reach for our dreams and manage through the
tough days – we need only to be reminded we have an inner strength to draw

Each piece within this collection has a singular stone that stands out and no two
pieces are alike. I hope you choose the one that speaks to you for both its
aesthetics and as a reminder to acknowledge your “inner strength;” “inner
spirit;” and, “inner voice.” You have everything you need inside to succeed.
Be the individual you are meant to be – tap into your own power; the “Power of
YOU.” Make a difference in the world and use your voice courageously.

Peace, Ami
yGo Designs 2018


yGo Designs

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