Handmade Crochet Round Facial Scrubbies (Set of 5)


Made of cotton yarn, these reusable handmade crochet face scrubbie cloths are the perfect gift for someone who is doing their part to live a more sustainable lifestyle. These are a perfect replacement for cotton balls or rounds to gently remove makeup and wash your face.

Available in three different color combos:  white & mint, white & bright pink, or earth tones. Each set of 5 scrubbies comes with three neutral color scrubbies and two scrubbies in the color you select (see images).

This would be a great gift paired with a bar of luxurious handmade soap or lotion to keep by the kitchen sink or in the bathroom.

  • Set of 5 cotton crochet round cotton facial scrubbie cloths (see color options above)
  • Handmade so the pattern may differ a bit
  • Each measures approximately 3″ across
  • Great to use as on dishes or even as a wash cloth
  • Rinse and wash with like items (recommend washing in a mesh bag so they don’t get lost)
  • Made in Wisconsin, USA



Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions N/A