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Everyone can be creative. I truly believe this. Whether you were labeled as “great” at math, science, or art and languages (me), you are creative in your own special way. But there are some people who take their creativity and MAKE something. They are called MAKERS. Makers are people with an artisan spirit. They design, create, craft, and produce so many things that we use or admire in our day to day lives. And I am so glad that I’ve been able to find so many great makers to showcase through Bleckley House Gifts. Every day, I am amazed at the amount of creative people out there following their dreams and making remarkable products.

So, in order to recognize how truly amazing these entrepreneurs and artisans are, I would like to introduce a Maker Moment! Moving forward, I plan to highlight makers and the magic they are doing in the world.

This month, I’d like to highlight Topaz & Pearl.

"We believe that dressing beautifully is self care and that the right jewelry can help boost your confidence. We want women to feel joyful every day by using their wardrobe as an opportunity for fun. We hope you laugh more, smile bigger, and make all the memories. And we'd love to be a small part of that." 
- Topaz & Pearl

Back in February when I started hatching my plans for Bleckley House Gifts, Topaz & Pearl was one of the first makers I found. I knew immediately from the style and quality of their creations that I HAD to have Topaz & Pearl jewelry in the shop! Described as “modern bohemian jewelry,” each piece is handcrafted from high quality materials, with attention to detail. I personally love their Geometric Beaded Chevron earrings and minimalist necklaces, as well as pretty much everything the Topaz & Pearl team makes! It also didn’t hurt that Julia, the “ladyboss” of Topaz & Pearl, shared that she was a USC Gamecock. Even though I went to Clemson University (USC’s rival), I still think fate brought our two businesses together for a reason!

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I want you to have fun with your style. I believe that adorning yourself in good jewelry is a daily opportunity for joy. 

- Julia, Topaz & Pearl

From the sweet thank you notes to this darling little colorful note of encouragement that was in my first shipment from them, I knew that I hit the jackpot when I decided to include Topaz & Pearl in the Bleckley House Gifts shop!

In addition to providing high quality, stylish jewelry straight from Sonoma, California, Topaz & Pearl has connected with an even more special mission: to end modern slavery. I feel great purchasing products from Topaz & Pearl not only because I know that the items will be beautifully made, but also because I know I’m supporting a great cause. I cannot wait to continue this partnership with Topaz & Pearl! You can follow Topaz & Pearl on Instagram @topazandpearljewelry for more information about their mission to create beautiful, unique jewelry!

With gratitude for all the makers out there,