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“Today expect something good to happen to you no matter what occurred yesterday. Realize the past no longer holds you captive. It can only continue to hurt you if you hold on to it. Let the past go. A simply abundant world awaits.” 

Sarah Breathnach, Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy

In case you missed it, Bleckley House Gifts is OPEN! So as soon as you’re done reading this informative blog post, head on over and check out what’s going on! While you’re there, feel free to chat with me using the handy dandy messaging app within my shop. That’s right, I love to talk so much that I put a chat box right in the middle of the online store (well, bottom right corner). Yes, it’s really me (unless I’m away from my desk, then I’ll get back to you ASAP), and yes, I really would love to help you find the ideal gift for you or a loved one! 🙂 I’m just brimming with ideas.

Enough about that, I hear you saying…let’s get on with the excellent literary work that is your blog writing! Well, if you insist…here it is, may it enlighten you:

Ah, fall…the crunch of fallen leaves, brown and smelling of dusty old shoes…just kidding…fall is awesome! I have so many wonderful memories of fall. From the pleasant crisp air (no more gross summer humidity to frizz my hair!) to the memories of running up the driveway from school, to the excitement of carving a pumpkin and getting the sticky seeds stuck to everything in the kitchen, fall is my wheelhouse. Most importantly, my BIRTHDAY is in the fall. October, to be exact. So, of course, fall is one of my favorite times of the year. 

As a part of my focus on intentional giving, I select a theme for each season. This is also probably because I was a teacher, and we always try to “theme” things to make them more interesting for our students! Summer (or what was left of it) was Self-Care. For obvious reasons. Let’s just say we all needed a little breather after the doozie of a spring and summer we’ve had! 

This fall, I’d like to celebrate MAGIC! Yes, magic. What better way to celebrate the smell of pumpkin spice, softness of a sweater, a crackling campfire, whatever brings you joy in the crispy cool time of year that is fall!

Magic is all around us. From the kaleidoscope colors of the changing scenery to the family gatherings full of gratitude like Thanksgiving, fall is full of entrancing magical happenings. So, we’re going to spend a few weeks exploring the magical season that is fall!

First, I’d like to start out with a few things I’m excited about in the fall line up for Bleckley House Gifts:

  • This scarf from Echoview Fiber Mill in Weaverville, North Carolina 
  • These sensuously scented candles from Charleston Candle Co in Charleston, SC
  • All the lovely stationery sets and greeting cards in the shop right now – there are so many talented designers from coast to coast, and I’m happy to have a little something from everywhere!

Right now, I know that it can seem almost impossible that we will have any of the same celebrations, or at least celebrate in the same way, that we did before this pandemic came around and interrupted our lives. That’s what magic is all about, though! Magic shows us that the impossible IS possible, and that something wonderful can seemingly come from nothing.

One holiday that is very closely associated with magic is, obviously, Halloween. If you celebrate Halloween, you may be planning for a very different experience than past years. Many neighborhoods are having “drive by” Halloween celebrations, and many people will probably just not celebrate at all. Our family is making it special by getting together and having a Halloween celebration with just us. We’ll carve pumpkins, watch some classic Halloween movies (Hocus Pocus, anyone?!), and yes, eat some candy! Whatever we do, what counts is that we are making our own magic by finding a way to celebrate together. That’s the magic of the fall season. 

Other magical fall events? Thanksgiving. This year, more than ever, I am giving thanks for what I have…and apparently, I’m not alone. I’m ready to celebrate what is GOOD, and move forward positively, and I think this fall is a great time to focus on that.

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

Speaking of focusing on the positive, let’s make some resolutions! That’s right, resolutions are no longer just for the New Year. From sunset on September 27 to nightfall on September 28, our Jewish friends and neighbors will be observing Yom Kippur. During this time of atonement and repentance, they will spend time confessing their sins and seeking forgiveness. We could all use a little time considering how the coming months can be even better with some reflection. How magical would it be to head into a season of celebration and precious time with family and friends full of hope for the coming year?

As a side note, I would like to give a grateful nod to Sarah Ban Breathnach, the author of Simple Abundance, for highlighting the idea of creating resolutions in the fall. I read it this morning and it inspired me to research Yom Kippur and its connection to the magic of fall. If you haven’t ever heard of, or read Simple Abundance, you must. It’s an essential part of my morning, and I hope it will become one for you too!

Considering all the ways in which we celebrate magic in the fall, how can we create some magic ourselves? I thought a little about this, specifically how we can create magic with the gifts we choose to give this fall (and winter) season, and came up with some inspiring ideas to make some magic happen right now:

  • Unique gifts that enchant, rather than gifts that just fill a bag
  • Have gifts delivered right to the recipient’s front door
  • High quality gifts that are designed and made locally
  • Gifts with a greater purpose, like Freeleaf’s designs, which support the employment of women who have been exploited or abused

However you decide to celebrate the fall season, I wish that you and the ones you love find ways to be together, whether physically or through the magic of technology. Or just an old fashioned letter in the snail mail!

Stay tuned for more of my thoughts on the magic of fall!

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