About the Shop

You should always follow your heart, especially when you’re helping others find something special for someone special. Therefore, I promise to:

Be honest about my products. Where they come from, who made them, and what they’re made of!

Put you first. If you’re not satisfied, I’m not satisfied.

Make a commitment to quality. I will search to the ends of the earth until I find every last lovely nice handmade [insert thing you want to buy here] if I have to!

Be dependable. See above note about loyalty – I’m here for you!

Stay positive in the face of challenges. I’m opening the shop during a pandemic, and if that’s not enough positivity, I don’t know what is!

About Me

Hi! My name is Christina. I like to shop. In fact, I like shopping so much that last year I decided to follow my dream of being a shop owner! As many of my friends and family members also know, I am generous. I LOVE to give people things. Some things I’ve given people are: hugs, candy, wine, and (my personal favorite) a cat! While I don’t recommend giving anyone a cat (especially if the cat turns out to be a major diva), I do recommend giving them a really nice, beautiful gift that they will treasure for years to come. 

And that brings me to Bleckley House Gifts. Named for the street where my husband and I lived after we got married, Bleckley House Gifts is my idea of a happy place that has all the lovely things I want to give my friends and family members (not cats, though!).

Originally, I planned to open a physical shop, with an online store. Due to unforeseen circumstances (aka a PANDEMIC), I am now opening an online store with the plan to one day have a physical location as well!

My wish is that you will find a special thing for your special someone for their special event, and that you have the best experience doing so. I hope it is so easy to find something you love at Bleckley House Gifts that you don’t know what to do with all that extra free time. All I know is, don’t buy a cat. Whatever you do, don’t buy a cat*!

With love,

*Unless cats are your thing. Then, you should buy as many cats as you like.